photo: NML 2017

Thank you

The artists.

Rond-Point Projects. Camille Videcoq, Emilie Segnarbieux, Luc Lacortiglia. Jean Barberis. Richard John Jones and Calo Giametta. Sable E. Smith, for reading recommendations beyond the specific contribution she has made to this project. Rosalind Morris, especially for her seminar on language and violence at Columbia. Sarah Workneh, for her invitation to collaborate on Ellen Cantor in 2016; our work together forced me to rethink some of my most basic assumptions about the relationship between representation and violence and desire. Michael O'Donnell, whose work provided the opportunity to synthesize the theoretical ground for this project elsewhere and patiently. Natalie O'Donnell. Riga W. M. Chymann. Mary Walling Blackburn. Leah Moskowitz.

This exhibition is dedicated to my brother, Raphaël Robert Llorens, with whom I first learned to recognize and articulate a response to structural violence.

"The Exposed Suture" is co-produced with Rond-Point Projects, a Marseille-based non profit organization dedicated to producing and presenting innovative and thought-provoking art and curatorial projects encompassing a wide variety of formats and approaches, from traditional exhibition and publishing to process-based and performative practices. This is the first in a series of projects that form the basis of the Entrée Principale curatorial residency.

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